Becoming an MJ Member, Enjoying a Healthier Life!
For each MJ membership, the cardholder and designated affiliates can enjoy several high-quality health management services only accessible to MJ members, including health examination services, nutrition, nursing, exercise counseling, health education lectures, a personal health webpage, member's periodicals, phone interview and reservation services, designated hospital services, family physician services, and local VIP services (actual service details vary between locations, please refer to your local center). We want to promote your health and help you to "live long, live well, and stay young."
I want to become an MJ member.
When you become an MJ health management member, you can enjoy all of MJ's health management services tailored specifically to you in order to improve your health year after year!
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Annual health examinations are necessary to keep track of your own health status and to allow you to feel the of happiness of knowing that you are in good health.
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Purchasing Health Products
A kindly reminder from MJ: choosing the appropriate nutritional supplements, based on the disease risks in your health examination reports, can improve your health.
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Medical Cosmetology Services
Equipped with advanced and patented medical cosmetology technologies and equipment, MJ not only helps you live long, live well, and stay young, but we can also help you stay glamorous and beautiful!
Exercise Management Services
Based on your needs, MJ provides exercise counseling, physical fitness tests, and exercise coaching that will help you to improve your health by engaging in effective physical fitness activities.