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MJ utilizes integrated resources for healthcare management services, and we welcome enthusiastic future partners to collaborate with us and enter the healthcare management industry by establishing franchises. Collaborating with MJ: MJ provides the branding, access to the professional platform, personnel training, product supply, and operational guidance; the collaborative partner provides 100% of the independent investment, human resources, and marketing services.
Descriptions of FRANCHISING services are as follows:
Standard Operating Procedure Manuals
Implementation Services

1. Assessment of building location, transportation, floor space, electricity, structural load capacity, etc, to ensure that they meet the requirements of a Health Screening Center.

2. Estimates of investment capital and profit and loss analyses.

3. MJ's professional planning services can help you maximally manage space, traffic flows, and operating processes. This not only ensures smooth business operations but also creates separate traffic flows for members and staff.

4. Design of standard operating procedures and inventories of equipment and products to fulfill MJ's uniform service quality and operational requirements.

5. Design of forms, statements, and reports that provide integrated information instantly to members, physicians, and managers to enhance service quality and management efficiency.

6. Efficient management of human resources with personnel competency assessments and schedule management to maximize business performance.

7. Integration of natural and aesthetically pleasing signage designs into the interior design of the building in order to provide clear spatial guidance.

8. Management of construction methods and quality to ensure that MJ operating requirements are met and that the aesthetic qualities of the facility are enhanced. In addition, MJ coordinates equipment procurement and construction progress to ensure that the project is completed as scheduled and that the proper equipment is installed in the appropriate environment.


9. Our advisors ensure that equipment specifications meet MJ's quality requirements and provide counseling on procurement, evaluation, and price negotiation of equipment to reduce procurement costs.

Training Services
1. Comprehensive training programs based on MJ's quality and service requirements to fulfill the promise of the four-hour delivery of reports to clients.
2. Guidance in using the software system to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of data entry through the integration of the software system, equipment, and operating procedures.
Licensing of the Patented Automated Software

1 To achieve our management goals of creating a fully automated system, MJ integrates the clinical system, online system, and monitoring system which not only combines data, images, and texts generated by equipment and physicians, but also facilitates the management of personnel and the usage of consumables and reagents.
2. Integration of sales and health examination records to understand each member's purchasing patterns and habits, in order to offer members personalized products and services and to enhance customer satisfaction and profits.
3. Effective management of directories of business clients with quote and cost-estimate services to ensure business profitability.

4. Establishment of a comprehensive health management service mechanism by integrating health examination data and member information from various MJ regions and providing personalized health promotion plans through data analysis and assessment.
5. Establishment of personalized health alerts and risk assessments based on each member's health examination data and statistical scientific analyses.
6. Health management service updates and software system data management to ensure up-to-date health management services and products as well as real-time software system support.

Branding and Operations Management Services
1. Armed with MJ's experiences and capabilities in managing services, health examination quality, and operating processes, we have been able to establish a high-quality management system and make MJ the number one brand in health management.
2. MJ senior advisors provide three-day operating guidance programs twice a month to ensure operational quality and efficiency.
3. Precise control over health examination costs using the integrated software system to improve operational performance and profits.
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